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Women in Filmmaking

Cinema was a far cry from it's early pioneering experiments. Yet beyond their literary convention, they are a sign of respect for the creativity and deep understanding of the female gaze. This will remain untouched for more than a hundred years, until the birth of the new Art, when a surprising number of women were appreciated in front of and behind the camera. Most of them having a crucial role in the development of films as we know them, such as Alice Guy-Blache the first true female director in history and (perhaps) the first director of "narrative" films.

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Digital Age Of Cinema

This section of the Marbella Film Festival aims to stimulate debate around the future of film making, production and distribution considering future plausible interfaces beyond the cinema and TV screen such as mobile phones and iTV and at the same time exploring the potential of new technological developments such as iTV, interactive cinema, interactive advertising, immersive interfaces and Virtual Reality. It aims to provide a stimulant framework for young artists and media designers and producers to uncover future usage scenarios and generate debate about novel processes for creation, sharing, and consumption of digital content that match the nomadic lifestyles of the audiences of the 21 st Century.

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Submissions Now Open !

We are delighted to announce that submissions for the 2015 Women Directors Film Carnival, to be held in Delhi, capital city of India, are now OPEN ! Over the coming weeks and months you will find everything you need to know about this year's festival right here, so please ensure you bookmark the site for future reference. Find out more about the Submission process here. Good luck!

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Transformative Power Of Storytelling

We believe that non-fiction storytelling through film and media (on screen, online or on a hand held) holds the power to catalyze social change. There are countless people who make Women Directors Film Carnival (WDFC) what it is. At the core of that group stands a team of people who believe in the unifying power of film - and they dedicate an unbelievable number of hours to prove that commitment.

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They're smart, they're active, and they're engaged.

Over the past decade, we've learned a lot about people who attend WDFC's Film Fest events: they're smart, they're active, and they're engaged. Put simply, they are the kind of people you want to put your brand message in front of. We offer hundreds of ways to reach thousands of fans. And, as a non-profit organization, our mission is dependent upon the sponsorship of local businesses like yours. Your sponsorship opportunity can be as unique as your business, and we are happy to tailor it to your needs. We want to give you the best possible chance to reach out to great potential customers and generate awareness, all while supporting a cause that helps better this community.

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Behind The Scenes Employment

Behind the scenes employment, the recent statistics show that women women comprised 17% of all directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and cinematographers working on the top 250 (domestic) grossing films of 2014. This represents an increase of 1 percentage point from 2013 but is the same percentage of women working in these roles in 1998. In 2014, women accounted for 7% of directors, up 1 percentage point from 2013 but down 2 percentage points from 9% in 1998. In other roles, women comprised 11% of writers, 23% of producers, 19% of executive producers, 18% of editors, and 5% of cinematographers. We have committed ourselves for improving the status of women, both on and off the screen, by supporting and advancing women working in the film, television and related screen industries world wide.

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