We Are Awesome

We Are Women - An Empowerment Initiative

Film Screenings

What a wonderful season of great films, WDFC 2019, will screen more than 250 best films from around the world which enables filmmakers to gauge the reaction of international audience and take their feedback on it.

Industry Program Conference

Conference would highlight the most important lesson of ''Breaking In / Right Investment - Films'' to the movie business from the perspective of Industry Professional's and Studios.

Excellence Awards

The WDFC's Excellence Awards for Women celebrate the achievements of remarkable women who inspire those around them either through the media or films in their everyday lives.

We Are Awesome, Beyond Festival...

Let the music and dance take up your mind and various forms of dances & singings relieve your soul and uplift it! Get ready to sway to the tunes of amazing artists only at WDFC's concert.
Our workshops and panels give you insider tips from industry professionals on : how to grow your entertainment career Ace that audition, sell and market your project, or develop your storytelling talents as a writer or director.
An exhibition to encourage and give exposure to orphans, disabled or all other creative peoples.

We Expand, Explore and Create Opportunities


To publicize & increase various resources leading to the development of the practical skills necessary to advance in the business of filmmaking and offer them to all women seeking self-expression through the medium of film.


To encourage, promote and support talent, individual expression and celebrate women's accomplishments & seeks to empower women of all ages for the good of the individual and society as a whole.


To showcase the work of talented minority women filmmakers through the production of film festivals, script readings among other developmental projects.


To produce and support educational opportunities that advance the careers of women with industry panel discussions, workshops, seminars that foster continued learning and nurture growth.


To develop a database of contacts within the film and television industry consisting of writers, producers, directors, actors, tech people and general information that would be accessible to aspiring and working filmmakers.

Lightning Support

To promotes and encourages diversity and cultural exchange by actively seeking out both creative and business collaboration and alliances with any other organizations that share similar goals and ideals.

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